You’ve GOT to watch this 30 minute documentary!!

Take the time and watch….

Hi Bikram family!

My name is Aliyah and I am a fellow Bikram instructor. I just wanted to share an amazing documentary that was filmed for our studio in Boise, Idaho. This video follows a student through the 60 day challenge and answers many questions students may have about the challenge or about Bikram yoga in general.  This film has inspired many of our students to do their own 60 day challenge and has been a great resource for our studio.

Josh & the 60 Day Sweat

I invite all of you watch and be inspired. Feel free to use this as an educational tool. Share with your teachers, students or in any way you see fit. More proof that Bikram yoga is amazing, Enjoy!

Aliyah Jennings,  Bikram Boise