The first, largest, original, and Authentic Bikram Yoga school in San Diego (established in 1998), we offer Bikram’s Beginning Hatha Yoga Class with a full schedule of classes daily. The Class is for beginners through advanced. We encourage beginners to come to this class (even if you’ve never done Yoga or any exercise at all).

We have a beautiful 7,000 sq. ft. facility with large Change Rooms (showers, lockers, etc.), a steam room, and a large Classroom with state of the art controlled heat, humidification, air purification, and full spectrum lighting.  Towels and mats are required, and available for rental.

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An Anniversary Message From Jim

-The opening of the very first Bikram “Hot” Yoga in San Diego-

June 20th is the day that we opened the very first Bikram Yoga school in San Diego (June 20-21, 1998), over at 2188 San Diego Ave., across the freeway from where we are now…

I continue to Thank from my heart, the over 44,000 people who have practiced (many thousands of you introduced to) Bikram Yoga, (and even Yoga of any kind) at our school these 18 years. It’s been, and continues to be, an incredible journey, with the privilege to participate in so many of you making the effort, with the most scientific, safe, intelligent, and effect system of health maintenance – Bikram Yoga – to make your lives better in every way. What’s happened here at our school, and as you can see, all over San Diego, is truly quite remarkable, extraordinary. My greatest thanks will always go to Bikram Choudhury (and the wisdom he relays from his guru Bishnu Charan Ghosh), who has given over 50 years of his life (over 42 here in the US) to make Yoga this accessible, and simplified, for everyone to be able to do (try!), and for the support, guidance, inspiration, and mirror he has always provided us.

Jim Kallett, director, BYCI, San Diego
Jim Kallett on 20 Years of Teaching Bikram Yoga

We are always trying to make improvements and additions at our school….

Spring, 2015 we painted the interior walls of the school a new color!: lobby, hallways, and Yoga Classroom. Thanks to all who came and helped!! And now the building exterior has been painted.

Last Spring, we replaced all of our lighting in the Yoga Classroom to Full Spectrum color temperature bulbs, with high 85 color rendition index (colors appear more true). It’s a more white, clearer light that a lot of research has suggested is easier on the eyes and nervous system, allows you to see yourself in the mirror more clearly and with more definition, enhances calmness and relaxation as you stretch !! It may or may not take a couple of classes to get used to but you’ll love it when you do!!

Like our consistent, controlled heating, humidification, and ventilation systems, our antimicrobial, ultralok-backing carpet, our air purification and natural and non-chemical carpet cleaning and sterilization systems, we always work to keep it all simple, clean, healthy, and hygienic, to go with the safest, most scientifically/medically based system of health maintenance — Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class, offered here uncompromised, undiluted, original, authentic, and taught by the most experienced and qualified teachers in San Diego….