Featured Student, Cris

I started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2004 while I was working two jobs and commuting to L.A. for an intensive doctoral program on the weekends ūüėē Crazy, right?
But the yoga probably kept me from going crazy.

At that time, I could only make it to class 2 or 3 times per week, but I jealously protected my yoga time. It was the best workout I’d ever found.

The ICP training program required that I also participate in a “training analysis”: psychoanalytic sessions four times per week.¬†Emotions were stirred. Transformation was in motion.

But that was nothing compared to my recent experience. My teacher encouraged me to do 100 classes in 100 days.


I’ve long been fascinated by the work of “changing the things that cannot be changed.”
Now I’ve been granted the magic to do it.

The yoga practice leaves me full of joy.
My mind is sharper at work.
Intuition and dreams are amazing.

I have abundant energy.
My aches and pains went away.
An old, chronic knee injury fixed itself.
Blood pressure and blood sugar numbers returned to normal.

Old PTSD symptoms lost their grip.
Worries and negative thought patterns became easy to shut down.
Aliveness thrives.

And, best of all, I’ve found a loving, healthy, supportive family of kindhearted yogis.

What a gift.