Purchase Options now available online.

No Classes purchased at the school, must be done online.
For Memberships or active military, public safety (police, fire), < 25,  65+ discounts, please e-mail us to set up, they cannot be offered online or at the school.
Groupons and Intro Offers:
We have paused our ongoing Groupon Offer, so you will not be able to get a new Groupon for our school now. Those with valid Groupons for our school: Contact us by email for information about redeeming your Groupon. We will begin offering our regular Intro Offers directly through our school later this summer.

—  There will be no Class purchases of any kind at the school (front desk), they must be done on KarmaSoft (what’s offered there) including via our website, or by e-mail (Memberships, discounted Class options).      Not pre-paid and Not pre-booked — No class


YOU MUST carefully READ
all the details and information below and on this Website Home Page where you will find everything you will need to know to be able to come to our school now, and can prepare ahead of time, including:
The new Procedures & Protocols.
The COVID-19 Waiver that must be filled out completely and signed.
The 4 mins. video demonstrating the Entry, Check-in, and Exit Procedures for the school.
If you’ve never been to our school before, signing up for a KarmaSoft account for our school.
[Note: if you’ve been to our school before, even once, you already have a KarmaSoft
account, so DO NOT create a new one. You just have to Activate it, following the
link on this page, and using the e-mail address you gave us when you first came to
our school].
Keep checking this website for Updates of information.
We look forward to seeing you in our classes soon!!
— Bikram Yoga San Diego
New Procedures & Protocols
👉🏼 Here’s what we’re doing to keep everyone safe:
  • Operating at limited capacityMax 30 students per class) to allow minimum 8-10 feet apart in the Yoga Classroom. Classes with less, greater space between each other. Minimum 6 feet apart at all other times in the school.
  • class sign-in is by online pre-registration only (must activate your KarmaSoft account).
  • temperature / symptom screening prior to class.
  • following guidelines set for us by the CDC, County Health Department, State and Local government (including Social Distancing and wearing Masks).
  • implementing rigorous additional disinfection protocols.
👉🏼 Here’s what we’re asking of you:
Purchase of Memberships will be done by phone and internet.
Class Passes purchased on KarmaSoft (link on website).
You must pre-book at least 30 minutes before a class, and arrive 30 minutes before classes.
Shoes put completely inside the shoe cubbies in the lobby.
Mats: Must be clean and dry. No Mat rentals initially, but we may resume after initial Phase of reopening.
Towels: Must have at least 2 towels for class. Can rent from school, or bring your own.
Must bring a bag to put your Mat and towels in before leaving your spot after class.
Final Savasana will be limited to 2 full minutes.
All students must be out of the school by 20 mins. after class.
Schedule Changes (Everyone needs to come ½ hour before class, so classes can start on time!).
6:00am (start class 6:30am), 8:30am (start class 9am), 11:00am (start class 11:30am)
4:30pm (start class 5pm), 7:00pm (start class 7:30pm)
7:30am (start class 8:00am), 10:00am (class start 10:30am), 4:30pm (class start 5:00pm)
  • You MUST book into class in advance on your KarmaSoft account online. If you have never activated your BYSD/KarmaSoft account yourself, you must do that first. Here’s the link:
Do Not create a new KarmaSoft account if you’ve ever been to or already have a KS account for our school
— it already exists, you just haven’t activated it yet.
  • You MUST book into class at least 30 minutes before class, or you will not get into the class.
The front door will be closed 5 minutes before class, no exception to come in even if you’re booked in.
  • You must have the new additional COVID-19 Waiver on file with us. This is in addition to the Waiver you sign when activating your KarmaSoft account. You can download from this link, fill it out, sign it and bring it in to your first class. https://bikramyogasandiego.com/covid-19-release-waiver/
  • Be Sure to fill out your name and address at the top (p.1), and name, date and sign at the bottom (p.3). You will not be let into class if we don’t have this Waiver by your first class —
  • BYO clean, sterilized, dry Yoga Mat, we won’t be renting them initially. You will be turned away if your Mat is not clean, dry, or no have no Yoga Mat — should be 1/4” thick.
  • BYO towels, if possible, though we are renting them (the less, the better).
  • Bring a Bag to put your Mat and Towels in before you leave your Mat area in the Yoga Room.
When you arrive at the school and have pre-registered:
  • You MUST wear a Mask from the time you enter the building, all the way until you are on your Mat in the Yoga Classroom. You must put your Mask back on before you leave your Mat, and keep it on until you leave the building (you can take if off, of course while washing your face at one of the Change Room sinks).
  • Wait on the marks on the balcony and enter the school only when directed to by our Staff (one at a time). Once inside, use the hand sanitizer at the entrance and take your place on the marks in the lobby, then put your shoes in the shoe rack, and wait to be checked in. Keep 6 ft. physical distance at all times.
  • Let the Front Desk Staff know your name. You will have your temperature taken remotely and be pre-screened for symptoms (including a few verbal questions to answer). You can then purchase drinks, towel rental, etc. if you need, and once done, take your place in the Hallway on the marks to be directed into the Yoga Classroom or Change Room (one at a time, maintaining 6 ft. physical distancing).
  • If you are going into the Change Room, you must go in first before going into the Yoga Classroom.
Once in the Yoga Classroom, you cannot then go back out to the Change Room before class.
  • Open the Yoga Room door using your towel, so as not to touch it with your bare hands.
  • Once in the Yoga Classroom, place your Mat on one of the marked spots. Once on your Mat, you can remove your Mask (as long as you stay on your Mat). Do not leave the room before class.
So if you need to use the bathroom, lockers, sinks before class, do so before entering the Yoga Classroom).
  • At the end of Class: put your Mat and Towels in your Bag before you leave your Mat area in the Yoga Room. Place BYSD Rental Towels completely into the Large bin to the Right as you exit the Yoga Room.
  • Plan to shower at home – Changing Rooms will be open at very limited capacities (3 people at one time) and for limited amount of time per person. Showers will be initially unavailable.
(if there are 3 in the Change Room, you must wait on one of the blue lines in the Hallway and enter only when someone exits).
  • Everyone must observe Physical Distancing of 6-feet at all times in the building and in our school.
During Class
  • We are expecting many people to be somewhat out-of-condition and needing time to reacclimate to the heat of the Yoga Room. If you need to leave the class, you must either return after 1 or 2 minutes, or leave and go home. There can be no lying down in the Change Rooms or Hallway. It’s ok, we will understand. It is going to take time for some of you to rebuild your stamina after being away for 3 months. We will expect that. So it’s ok to go home and come back tomorrow. [What we do not want is for you to make a habit of leaving before the class is finished. It is not the safest and most effective way to practice. Bikram Yoga does not work that way.]
  • For now, we will extend the Savasana after Spine Twisting Pose to allow anyone to leave (one at a time) before we finish with the final Kapalbhati Breathing exercise, for those who wish to (they can do it in their car).
After Class
  • Final Savasana will be limited to 2 full minutes.
  • The Teacher will remind everyone to put your mask on and put your Mat and towels in your Bag before you leave your Space. Everyone will leave the Yoga Room one at a time, maintaining 6 feet distance at all times while moving to the exit lobby and door. The door will be propped open during Final Savasana so no need to touch it. If you rented towel(s), place them completely in the Large bin to the Right as you exit the Yoga Room. Please allow those who are leaving directly to exit first.
  • Either go directly to the lobby and leave the school (you may purchase drinks, etc. before you leave), or wait on one of the marks in the Hallway to go into a Change Room. Only 3 people allowed in each Change Room at once. Limit time in the Change Room (1-2 minutes), as there may be others waiting to get in. Change Rooms should only be for use of lockers, sinks, and toilets. [We have decided not to go with hands-free electric hand dryers, as our research found them to be less sanitary by blowing the air].
  • Everyone must be out of the school 20 minutes after class, so Staff can complete disinfection protocols.
Personal Note from Jim Kallett, director BYSD
We know this will be quite inconvenient, and take a few times to get used to. But you will get into the routine and rhythm with it fairly soon, we already have. I also know that there will be some of you that disagree if all of this is even necessary. There will also be those who are quite concerned about the COVID-19 virus, yet still want to be able to practice their Yoga with us. What has always been the most unique thing about our school (and what Bikram Yoga really is) is it’s accessibility for anyone and everyone — no exception, exclusion, elitism, discrimination, prejudice, bigotry. So unlike many places, the diversity of people who come to our school is very great, including the way people think, their beliefs, attitudes, ideas, what matters to them. It’s always been that you know exactly what to expect at our school — we offer only one thing and it’s the same every class, every day — Bikram Yoga. So there’s no surprises or changes there. You have always accepted that when you come in, and try to leave everything else outside — it’s Your Time, for Your Self. I know everyone will cooperate with the changes that we have to employ in the way we operate, so that we can stay open and continue to allow this Yoga to be accessible to and welcome everyone and anyone. It’s a choice to come to our school and practice this Yoga. I definitely think a very intelligent and wise one, and I admire and respect you for that. The only exception to our inclusivity to anyone is when a line is crossed that disrupts or interferes with others’ ability to come and practice at our school, so we will refuse anyone who does not follow our new protocols and procedures. And I will be the first to hope these new changes are temporary and we can go back to much less rigid protocols at our school.
The most important thing and motivation for the existence of our school is to provide a place for anyone to practice real Bikram Yoga to improve the quality and longevity of their life — safely and effectively. That will always be #1. So it will pretty much now be “just come and do Yoga and leave promptly.”
Finally, and Very Importantly
I want to acknowledge, and wish you all to be aware of the incredible initiative, creativity, determined and reliable help that especially Cortland, Alexa, and Dave have stepped up and provided in getting the school ready for Reopening. You will see the results when you come back. They each have been remarkable and have risen to even greater heights in my respect, admiration and appreciation. I originally thought to myself, as the school owner and director, if I had to do this all myself the way it really did need to be done, we would probably be able to Reeopen in December. They made it happen. I’ve gotten many, many e-mails from students who’ve expressed how much their appreciation for their Yoga practice (and our school) has increased while it’s been taken away from them. It really is easy to get complacent and take things for granted. I will never take for granted and always remember what our Staff has done these last 3 weeks, and the others who have come in to help when they could: Hiroko, Brianne, Jake, Kimberley, Stephanie, and Susan B., and the others who’s circumstances just didn’t allow them to but wanted to.
To Everyone
I so much appreciate and thank you for all your support and cooperation in helping us navigate through these new changes & times. Your safety is our top priority. Myself, the Staff and Teachers can’t wait to see you back in the classes!!!
Jim Kallett
Bikram Yoga San Diego