Jim Kallett on 20 Years of Teaching Bikram Yoga

Sept. 7th, 2017, is the 20th Anniversary of Jim Kallett teaching Bikram Yoga.

On Sept. 7, 1997, Jim and his wife, Emma graduated from Bikram Choudhury’s 5th Official Yoga Teacher Training, in Los Angeles, an 11 week intensive training. They immediately began teaching at Bikram’s original school in North Beach, San Francisco (est. 1973), where they lived and had begun their practice two years earlier. Together they then opened the first Bikram Yoga school in the San Diego area on June 20, 1998, which has operated under Jim’s direction continuously since then.

Jim has developed into one of the best known and highly regarded Bikram Teachers in the world, having done dozens of Authorized Bikram Yoga Seminars worldwide, coached International Yoga Champions and Judged International Finals, and has been a long-time Senior Faculty member of the Official Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, which now numbers close to 50 Trainings since 1993 (with close to 15,000 graduates from across the globe). Jim has also consulted and guided countless Bikram teachers and school owners.

In 2014, Jim hosted a 13-week radio show, “Yoga Is Life Radio,” on Voice America, the world’s largest Internet Talk Radio Network. The show initially had over 100,000 listeners.

Jim continues to teach here as Director of Bikram Yoga San Diego.

“I always feel a great gratitude for who I’ve learned from, my family, Bikram, the teachers, those who’ve helped me run this school, and mostly the students – the people who have come to practice their Yoga in the classes I’ve guided them through. Teaching this Yoga is a privilege, a responsibility, and a gift. It continues to be a great learning process, and I still have the energy, passion and appreciation for it, that I’ve always had.” —Jim K.